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A.K.I. is Poisooooooooooooonnnnn

by: joseph -
More On: Street Fighter 6

Never trust some big nails and a smile. Street Fighter 6 has shown off A.K.I gameplay, and has a release date of September 27th. I wasn't too impressed at first, until I saw her slither past JP, and I definitely had Drake meme face. She also comes with a fighters pass starting on September 1st, so you know it will be filled with some goods.

She is a student of Street Fighter V's F.A.N.G, and also comes with a new location, Tian Hong Yuan, in World Tour Mode. If you have the fighter pass, deluxe or ultimate edition, she will be added on release. Of course, you can also rent her, because if you've been playing the game, you definitely have a stack of those. Watch her slither this way and that, below. And watch out for snakes.