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Psychological thriller Fort Solis is now available

by: Rob -
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Available on both PC and PS5, Merge Games have released Fort Solis for all fans of sci-fi thrillers. Fort Solis takes place on (and under) the barren landscape of Mars. It features voice acting by industry stalwart Troy Baker as well as Roger Clark and Julia Brown, and its narrative covers the events of one very long night searching for missing crew both on the surface, and into the dimly lit depth of the service tunnels underneath. 

I don't expect this game's intensity to really come from the gameplay itself, but a good psychological thriller can ramp up the experience as well as anything. Think about the most intense moments in a game like Dead Space, it wasn't usually clipping limbs off the necromorphs, it was the long corridors with the flickering lights when you were wrought with the anticipation of what might be at the end of that hallway, or around the next corner...