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Bulletstorm VR coming this December

by: Rob -
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It's rude and crude and will be released just in time for the holidays, if a little late for the greater holiday season. Bulletstorm VR is coming December 14th. So while you won't be snagging this on any Black Friday sales, it will launch just in time to snuggle up under the Christmas Tree and give Santa the middle finger. 

Bulletstorm VR promises all the "comically ultraviolent" action and arsenal form the classic FPS title that is now over 12 years old. The flailgun and energy leash, Skillshots, kicking an enemy into a cactus, impaling them on rebar, shooting them in the groin - it's all here weaving between gunplay and melee, and you can even dual wield now. 

Bulletstorm VR is releasing on PSVR2, Meta Quest 2, and Steam VR on December 14th. The retail price is set at $39.99, but pre-orders are open for PSVR2 and Meta Quest offering a 10% discount.