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Nerdytec CYCON² XXL LED Mousepad - CYPUNK

by: Elliot -
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I’m going to be honest: I’m not really sure where to begin. I’ve reviewed many games, movies, books, and even a desk. I’ve never reviewed a mousepad, and to be perfectly honest, the thought had never crossed my mind until a few weeks ago when I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing the Nerdytec's CYCON² XXL LED Mousepad - CYPUNK. Yes, that is the name of a mouspad, a bit crazy. I took this review for a couple of reasons. One, I wanted to see if I could pull it off. Two, I reviewed the Couchmaster CYBOSS and this mousepad acts like an add-on for the Couchmaster.

I loved the Couchmaster CYBOSS when I took a look at it last year. While my personal couch was a little small to enjoy the Couchmaster to its full potential, it works perfectly on my bed. I still use it once or twice a week when I want to lie in bed with my dog and write something. I am typically using a laptop on the bed. I’ll use it when I sit on the floor of my living room, too, again, usually with my dog lying beside me. When I’m on the living room floor, I typically use my wireless keyboard and look at something on the TV. In both cases, I was using the standard mousepad that came with the Couchmaster and had no issues. It felt a little thin but did its job without problem.

The packaging for the mousepad was standard in appearance. It’s a box, it has an accurate description of all the features, and it arrived without any issues during shipping. The box contained the mousepad, rolled up, and a USB cord. The USB has worked with everything I have plugged it into: computer, random dongle, wall socket with USB on it, no issue. No big fuss; everything worked right out of the box. Assembling it was unrolling the mousepad and plugging the USB into the pad and then into an outlet. The packaging was nothing unique, the unique part comes with the LED feature. Around the mousepad is a LED strip that can light up with one of nine different colors or one of four different light modes.

The shape of the CYCON² is nice for a couple of different reasons. At 31.7 inches in length, the mousepad covers nearly the entire Couchmaster board; something I like, it helps preserve the wood bottom from scratchers from a laptop or keyboard. The shape fits the Couchmaster perfectly, 10 inches in height in some places, and 9.1 in others, making it fit like a glove to the Couchmaster.

Just because the CYCON² XXL LED Mousepad will fit on the Couchmaster, does not mean it is limited to that. I currently have it on my desktop setup. The colors match my mechanical keyboard and help further enhance the aesthetic look of my setup. I typically play games in a very low light setting, closing the blinds, turning off the lights, and the colors of the keyboard keys, and now the mousepad are the only light not coming from my screen. The light is bright enough without feeling too bright, at least in the darker colors. I’m not into the yellow and orange light, they look fine, it feels too bright for playing games in a dark room.

There are nine unique colors: green, blue, magenta, red, blue, yellow, white, purple, and orange. There are also four different modes to when picking how to have the colors displayed: slow color change, flashing rainbow, slow flashing rainbow, and a smooth rainbow gradient. Plenty of choices; I’m not super into the fast flashing color changes, but setting it to that mode when I am not using the mousepad is nice. Changing colors and modes is also just a click of a button, no need to go on my computer or download some app to do it, something I could do with a keyboard. The mousepad remembers the last setting even if I unplug it from the powersource.

Overall, I enjoy the Nerdytec CYCON² XXL LED Mousepad - CYPUNK. If I am using my Couchmaster desk, I have the CYCON² on it. If I am using my desktop computer, I will also have the CYCON². It looks and feels very similar to traditional mousepads, but the added color scheme adds that little extra that makes my overall setup, especially on my desktop, shine. The USB cord didn’t distract or take away from the mousepad, just like my keyboard cord, or wired mouse doesn’t bother me. The size is great, the grip holds even with moving it back and forth. Simply put, I like it, and I will continue to use it as my everyday mousepad.