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MOZA Racing brings it's high-tech racing gear to Xbox with the R3 Bundle

by: Eric -
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The first time I experienced MOZA Racing gear was during a trip to my local Microcenter. I rounded a corner, and there they had a super high-end racing setup displayed on the sales floor. I immediately plopped down in the seat for a few laps of whatever racing sim they had running, and was shocked at how good and realistic the force feedback on the wheel felt, and how tight and true-to-life the pedals were. If you haven't checked this out, I highly recommend a field trip.

Or, of course, you could order MOZA Racing's newly announced R3 Bundle, which will be the company's first console compatible offering. Officially Xbox-licensed, the R3 bundle comes with a one of MOZA's incredible wheels, a high-end pedal setup, and all the clamps, screws, and pads you will need to set it up at your place. 

All of this is made from the highest-quality materials. I'm just gonna drop this feature panel that I cribbed from MOZA Racing's press release to give you an idea what we're talking about:

This is, as they say, the good stuff. The R3 Bundle is compatible with all of the racing games you might expect, everything from Forza to Wreckfest. And being an Xbox product, it of course is also compatible with PC.

If you aren't convinced, head over to the official website for all the specs and some super sexy images of the wheel and pedals. You can also click a handy "Notify Me" button, which will keep you posted on the pending release date, which currently is listed as "early fourth quarter." The good news for everyone is that I don't have a wheel for my Xbox. We're all in agreement that this is the way to go, right?

Right. Of course it is.