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Gamescom reveals launch trailer for the Crew Motorfest

by: Rob -
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Ubisoft revealed the launch trailer with gameplay footage for The Crew Motorfest to kick off Gamescom yesterday.  We've mentioned this game previously and Jason even wrote up an early preview of the game from last month. 

Ubisoft also announced details for the Gold and Ultimate Editions which include an early access period for those with the upgraded versions. The Crew Motorfest releases September 14th but with Gold or Ultimate access you can start playing three days early on September 11th. Early access rewards those participating with in-game bonuses the American Muscles activities and the Liberty Walk pack. All players on all platforms can take advantage of a five-hour trial of the game starting at launch and running the following three days, through September 17th. Any progress made in the trial will carry over into a full purchase. 

The Crew Motorfest releases September 14th on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. Pre-orders are available on the Ubisoft store and more info is available on the official site: https://ubisoft.com/r/free_trial_early_access