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Sociable Soccer 24 coming before end of the year

by: Rob -
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While no firm date is announced, Tower Studios and creator Jon Hare are promising to deliver Sociable Soccer 24 before the end of the year to consoles and PC. Sociable Soccer is the spiritual successor to the beloved Sensible Soccer from the early to mid 90s. Earlier iterations in the series have hit the #1 spot on charts like Apple Arcade and PC players have had early access to this latest version for a while, but the full release can be expected in the next few months. Anyone who purchased the Steam Early Access version of the game can expect to get the full release for free, otherwise expect an initial release just on PC with a staggered release for the console versions on PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series S|X and the Nintendo Switch. 

“Everyone who plays Sociable Soccer will remember how much fun it is to beat your friends and family at a game you love, again and again. We are a fast, exhilarating arcade game set in a real football world, not a predictable, boring simulation. If you prefer your life to be steady, polished and uninspiring then stay where you are. If you are up for something new, stylised, fast and addictive then welcome to our Sociable world of soccer.” - Founder of Tower Studios Jon Hare.

Unfortunately there are no new official videos or press shots to go with this announcement, so I'll just slot in a trailer from that '21 iteration that hit #1 on the Apple Arcade charts here to get an idea of the style of play Sociable Soccer intends to bring to the table.