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Everhood: Eternity Edition comes to consoles

by: Joseph -
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Everhood was a music battle game I played early last year. Blitworks (Gaming Nexus' Indie Darling) sent it over to us, and we played it on stream. I never finished it, unfortunately, but maybe I should go back to it. 

Blitworks is going to give us another chance to play it with their definitive edition, and it's to release on the PS4/5, and XboxOne/Series. the creators of the game, Foreign Gnomes, have teamed up with different level designers and composers to make 16 brand new battles. The new songs are unlockable, so you'll have to play thorough the story to hear and see them. And they're not for the unskilled at all. 

For those not familiar, Everhood is an pseudo RPG game, where Red gets his arm stolen. Your only mission is to get it back, and you have to go through multiple game genre's and stories, filled with classic-esq environments. To battle foes, you must dodge their attacks in a music battle, where you have to dodge, duck, and counter. The game releases September 28th, but is already available for Steam and Nintendo Switch. Not sure if those versions will get the updates.