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It's the 2600+ from Atari!

by: joseph -
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Atari surprised us this morning after a small tease. They have teamed up with PlaThey will be re releasing The Atari 2600, except this one comes with a 10-1 game cart, and is compatible with 7800 and 2600 carts. It has an HDMI port, and widescreen support for modern TVs. It will also come with the one button iconic joystick. and plans future releases of 2600 games, like Mr. Run And Jump.

The games on the 10-1 cartridge are as follows: Adventure, Combat, Dodge Em, Haunted House, Maze Craze, Missile Command, Realsports Volleyball, Video Pinball, and Yars Revenge. Atari also plans to release a Paddle Controller bundle, which will also come with it's own 4-1 cartridge and 2 paddle controllers. The Atari 2600+ will price at 129.99, and pre orders are live, shipping in November. Trailer is below. And buy this for your parents and grandparents. Do it! (Or, you can get the VCS, which is still available, for now, though it doesn't play cartridges.)