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Slay the Spire is on Apple Arcade, and it's good!

by: Rob -
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Of course it's good, it's Slay the Spire! I adore this game and play a game or two every week punishing myself trying to eke out the Platinum Trophy on Playstation - ascension levels are no joke, y'all. I was prepping for a plane trip and seeing if there were new games for my kid's iPads when I noticed.. Slay the Spire, on Apple Arcade... nice. That one got downloaded right onto mine. It plays great on touchscreen on both the iPad and even my iPhone and has been sitting in the Apple Arcade lineup for about a month ago, since the beginning of July. 

Slay the Spire has been on mobile platforms before, such as iOS, but once you have invested time into multiple platforms (Switch and Playstation for me) it gets to be a stretch to keep purchasing the game no matter how much you love it. However, when it drops into a subscription service... game on. 

So if you have Apple Arcade, or like me just get it because you really are more interested in the rest of the Apple One bundle, you get free, ad-free access to Slay the Spire. So if you've played it before here's a great chance to pick it up again while on the go. And if you haven't, you're in for a treat.