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Sea of Stars demo is a beautiful blast of RPG goodness

by: Eric -
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Sea of Stars is having quite a day on PlayStation. Sabotage Studios, the development house behind the retro-modern RPG today announced that Sea of Stars will be arriving on PlayStation Plus on it's release day, August 29. Sea of Stars was already coming to Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and now PlayStation Plus members will also get a shot at the game on launch day.

In addition, a demo appeared on PlayStation today, offering a fairly extensive look at the game and it's awesome puzzle/traversal system. I hopped in for about an hour of gameplay (before getting absolutely smoked by the demo's boss fight), and found the experience to be everything I was hoping for. A great combat system with awesome skills and powers, interesting and intricate exploration, and fantastic puzzles that are just enough to slow the player down a bit without stumping them are all accounted for - and are exactly what I was hoping this game would offer.

Though you can't see it represented in the video below, several folks were watching me play the demo live and commenting with puzzle solutions suggestions (and noting how pretty the game is). Seems there is a lot of interest in this one, as folks kept popping in for a look.

Take a look at some gameplay streamed from PlayStation below:

Sea of Stars is scheduled to launch on PlayStation Plus, Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and will be available to buy for $34.99 on  PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on August 29. You can check out the demo I played in the video above here