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Rashid Likes and Subscribes to Street Fighter 6

by: joseph -
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Rashid made his first appearance on Street Fighter V, and comes to Street Fighter 6 as the first add on character. Of course, all his combo tutorials, and character in game breakdowns come with him. He's become a world vlogger since SFV (and SFIII, which he wasn't in, Eric), and though there's not much to his story mode, the character is absurdly good. Will he be EVO legal is internet's question. 

With Rashid came a whole gang of bug fixes, balances, and new things to do in World Tour. Rashid is now a master you can learn moves from, and there are new missions in both Metro City and Nayshall. Fighting and winning these master challenges nets you keys to unlock doors and get lots of goodies. Capcom also added a quality of life feature that allows you to hit MP + MK to do drive rush cancels. You can still push forward forward, but it's there, in case you need it.

You can see all the character patches here, and if you have the deluxe or ultimate edition, Rashid is automatically unlocked. You can also rent him for an hour at a time if you have the base version, and got a rental from the fighters pass. Another one of those doesn't come until August 1st. Enjoy getting your face kicked in by the turbulent wind.