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Walking Dead VR games coming to more platfroms

by: Rob -
More On: The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution

More options are coming to jump into the virtual world of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, the original offering, is coming to the Meta Quest 3 while the PSVR  and PSVR2 are getting a physical release of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution. The enw physical release is the Payback Edition and includes a steelbook, "Keychainsaw" keycap, and extra DLC of some in-game collectibles. 

We scored both of these games highly when I reviewed the base game for VIVE back in 2020 and Henry looked at Chapter 2 on PSVR2 back in March. Even if I did eventually burn out on the TV show, it's an example of amazing world-building and getting to step into its familiarity in a new adventure on the bayou is one of the better VR experiences out there.