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Deep dive into EA Sports FC gameplay

by: Rob -
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Last week EA Sports released the gameplay trailer for EA SPORTS FC 24 but that offering was really just a hype video. This week EA is offering more of a peek under the hood with the Gameplay "Deep Dive" embedded below. In the video the devs go into greater detail about what to expect from the evolution of the Hypermotion capture and AI modelling system, where cameras are capturing real world football stars in real world matches and recreating their movements onto their character models. From there the game is improving play styles into play styles+, amping up the characteristics that makes players unique in their approach to the game. And lastly, detailing updates to the Frostbite Engine that powers the game itself, making the whole experience more detailed and gorgeous, down to the way the jerseys wrinkle and stretch on the player model themselves.  

EA SPORTS FC 24 releases September 29th, 2023 for PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X|S, PC. With a scaled down version also available for Nintendo Switch. There are a few opportunities for early access that we detailed in my previous on the game.