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MMO Boss rush TrinityS makes its way to PlayStation this October

by: Elliot -
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What if you could take the fun parts from MMOs and put them into a game without all the grinding that typically comes with the MMO? Well, developer Indie-us Game is doing just that with TrinityS. “TrinityS condenses the thrilling elements of MMO RPG endgame encounters into a white-knuckle, "Boss Rush" cooperative online action game for up to three players. Skip the MMO level grind and face off against fearsome foes that require precise coordination to defeat!” I love the idea of not leveling up, doing daily quests for a month or two before I have enough material to craft some piece of equipment that will be replaced the moment I down the first boss of the raid. 

Another common issue with MMO games is finding friends to play with. TrinityS has solved that one as well. You can play with two friends, if you want, or, give it a go with AI-controlled allies. There are three characters to play, Knight, Wizard, and Priest. Sounds like a tank, dps, and healer.

TrinityS is currently available on Steam but is making its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this fall, October 20.