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The Turbulent Wind Returns July 24th

by: joseph -
More On: Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is wasting very little time. Capcom recently announced it's second wave of their fighter's pass, with a whole new slew of rewards and goodies for doing what you're doing already. There is a free tier, and a premium tier, where the premium tier sees more rewards with every level. This pass is named "Rashid Arrives" named after the winded world warrior who made his first appearance in Street Fighter 5. You can get the premium for around $5 USD, which pays for itself once you make your way through all the tiers. If you received a rental from the last battle pass, you'll be able to try him out for an hour, free of charge. 

This version of Rashid is a streamer now, and though some of his moves carried over from Street Fighter 5, he seems a lot faster now, and has a lot more mix up capabilities.  His V Trigger from Street Fighter 5 is now a Level 2 super. He definitely will be kissing my Platinum status goodbye. He will also be added to the World Tour mode, so you'll be able to interact with him there. Owners of the deluxe edition, Ultimate Edition, or S1 fighting pass will receive Rashid July 24th. Be blown away by checking out the breezy trailer below. See what we did there?