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Hellsweeper VR brings the blood and fire from the makers of Sairento VR

by: Eric -
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There was a lot of gaming news yesterday, but there was one thing that really caught my attention that I wanted to make sure didn't get swept under the surface in the tidal wave of announcements. It seems that Mixed Realms, the makers of my beloved Sairento VR, are releasing a new title in September. It's called Hellsweeper VR, and it looks like first-person Diablo.

If you haven't played Sairento VR and you own a VR rig, you owe it to yourself to go resolve that issue immediately. Sairento's brand of swooping cyberninja combat is one of the best, most comfortable actions experiences of the last generation of VR games, so I'm ultra-excited to see what next-level nuttiness that team gets into with its new release. 

I may just have Diablo on the brain right now (who doesn't?), but take a look at this trailer and see if you aren't getting the same vibes:

I know, RIGHT? That trailer is bad as hell. Wait wait wait wait - here's another one: 

Normally, all of that jumping around would make me nervous for my poor old-man stomach, but I've played Sairento, so I know that this team has some magic voodoo up its sleeve that can make these lunatic leaps and flips feel totally natural. The game will include three modes - Roguelike, Tower, and Sandbox - so there should be plenty of content to keep you slaying demons for quite a while. It's worth noting that Mixed Realms supported Sairento VR for quite a while after release as well, so when Hellsweeper VR releases there might be more content after the fact.

I'm telling you, VR fans, this is one to watch. Those that want to get an early look can check out the game during it's demo on Steam Next Fest, which runs from June 19 - 26th. You can currently pre-order the game on Steam to unlock the "Hound" and "Shadow" masks, and pre-orders on Meta Quest 2 and PS VR2 are coming soon.