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Three new tables released on Pinball FX

by: Eric -
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Zen Studios today dropped three new pinball tables onto its Pinball FX platform. This continues the company's steady pace of releasing new content at least monthly, if not more frequently. 

First up today was Whirlwind, the Williams Pinball classic that features spinning plates embedded in the table (you'll recognize this table immediately if you've seen it in the real world). As usual, Zen has remastered the table in a way that it can be played in it's classic format, or with Zen's fantastical upgrades.

The second release is the Honor and Legacy Pack, which features two new Zen original tables based on historic fiction. A Samurai's Vengeance follow a classic Ronan warrior's journey as he battles a clan of bandits in revenge for the death of his master. And Verne's Mysterious Island takes players to the titular island - which, if you know the book or film it's based on, packs plenty of surprises.

All of the above can be purchased for play in Zen's Pinball FX pinball platform, now available as a free download on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.