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New Gameboy title Kudzu doubles it's Kickstarter goal, unlocks fishing minigame

by: Eric -
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A quick update on Kudzu, the new Gameboy action adventure game from developer Pie for Breakfast and publisher Mega Cat Studios. After launching it's Kickstarter on May 25, Kudzu reached it's goal of $15,000 in just over 12 hours. As of this writing, Kudzu has been funded to the tune of $30,000, which has been enough to unlock a new fishing minigame to be included in the title.

For those that missed last week's article, Kudzu is a non-linear adventure game (think Zelda) in which an apprentice gardener named Max takes up the quest to rescue his mentor Zoen from being kidnapped by the titular invasive species. The game promises a number of different tools, levels, and bosses - all delivered in that magical Gameboy style. 

There are still some Kickstarter slots left for those that are interested, and yes, Mega Cat Studios is printing up real Gameboy carts with the game on them. A super cool demo for Kudzu is also available on itch.io, which can be played right in your browser.