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What the heck is Gammeefy, and how is it's Switch controller so amazing?

by: Eric -
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Look, I like the Nintendo Switch as much as the next guy, but I need to go on record with something. Joy-Cons are hot garbage. I hate 'em. They are too small for my average adult-sized hands, and when attached to the Switch, they make gaming wildly uncomfortable. They suffer from a mountain of drift issues, are fragile, are ugly, and are (in my opinion) completely unusable due to their complete ignoring of ergonomic design standards. I detest them so much that I completely stopped playing my Switch in portable mode almost immediately after getting it. The Switch has been a docked-only proposition for me outside of testing games in handheld for performance during review periods, which makes me sad.

But...I want to enjoy my Switch like everyone else. I want to take it on planes. I want to play it while waiting in the car at my daughter's gymnastics place. I want to lay in bed and guide Link through his latest series of adventures instead of sleeping. What to do?

I tried to order a few Joy-Con replacements, but nothing seemed to work out. They wouldn't stay synced, or they would just fall apart. Until, that is, I discovered this Gammeefy contraption, selling on Amazon and seachable by the very appealing name "Switch Controller for Nintendo Switch/OLED, One-Piece Joypad Controller Replacement for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Switch Controllers Remote with Adjustable TURBO and Dual Motor Vibration".

The naming convention isn't the best, but the controller is AWESOME. You just slip your Switch right down into the dock-sized space, flip the controller settings to "Wired", and you're off the races with best-feeling and performing portable Switch solution I've found. 

I have no idea who Gammeefy - the manufacturer of this gadget - is, but they sure do know how to make a solid product. This thing feels the way the Switch should have felt out of the box. Holding the Switch in this controller is very much like holding a Steam Deck. It is ergonomically designed in a way that it feels natural and comfortable in your human grip, unlike the tiny little box-like Joy-Cons, which were clearly designed for use by robots. 

Yes, I totally stole these images from the controller's Amazon page. I couldn't even find a website for Gammeefy, let alone promotional images.

The buttons are nice and poppy, the triggers are responsive, the rumble is adequate (I was never much impressed with the whole "ice cubes clinking in a glass" Joy-Con rumble anyhow). The device has gyros built in, which allows for full motion control functionality. There are turbo and auto buttons, neither of which I've bothered with, and the other buttons are all accounted for. The stick layout is a bit different from your typical Switch controller, with the placement of the right stick and buttons flip-flopped, but it took me about zero seconds to get used to that. 

The best part? The entire thing is $40.  If you are an adult like me, and you can't play your Switch in handheld mode without your wrists aching and your fingers going numb, this might be the best $40 you've ever spent. I threw my drifting-ass Joy-Cons right into the trash, and I'm never looking back.