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I knew this would happen...

by: Dave -
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When I groused about the low-resolution P-51 panel in my recent review of the Microsoft Flight Simulator: Acceleration expansion pack, I had an idea that it was probably a case of "Microsoft knows best what's good for you," or "some non-intuitively labeled setting that I'm missing," or both.

I think it was some of both.  Loyal reader Kevin sent this along:

Enjoyed your review. Only one issue was your comments on the P-51 panel. The low-quality panel you saw ingame was a result of a setting that wasn't correct on your install.
As you know, settings in Flight Simulator are extensive to allow people with all kinds of different older hardware to be able to dial down the settings and still be able to play the game. And it's easy to miss one that might result in a lower-quality image than you'd expect.
In this case, if you change the Global Texture Resolution in your Graphics Settings to "Very High" you get the panel that I've included in the attachment, which is obviously very easy to read.
Other than that, I think you're review was pretty spot in in both the "about time" and "WTF" areas.

There is an option in the settings that is named something along the lines of "High Quality Panel" (I'd have to check for the exact name of it) which I confirmed as being checked to the 'on' position.  I totally missed the Global Texture Resolution setting.

So, there you go.