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Fun and frustration with Death to Spies

by: Dave -
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The YouTube below demonstrates one of the downsides of game reviewing. People are telling me all the time how cool it is that I get free stuff, but every once in awhile... So here I am with Death to Spies, which is a "sneak around and don't get caught" kind of game, which is exactly the same as saying it's a "quick save every 5 steps" kind of game. Well, I'm in a quandary. The objectives of the particular mission that I'm on indicated that I could catch and stun this guy in any of the 5 buildings he was going to visit, and that I'd be able to hide him in a truck to complete the mission by removing him from the camp. I'm about 3 very frustrating hours into the game before I finally catch the guy without getting whacked. Now I can't get him into the truck. I'm guessing that one of the 5 buildings had a loading dock, but that's not the one were I finally contrived to capture him. I can't go strolling across the compound with this guy on my back - even the most inattentive guard is going to notice that. So, do I just decide I know enough about this game to crank out a review, or do I start completely over and blow another couple of hours getting back to where I am now. Argh!