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Pinball FX expansions this halloween

by: Sean Colleli -
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Zen Studios has something nice to put in your goody back this halloween, a free expansion for their XBL Arcade game, Pinball FX.  This pack has a buccaneer themed table and some other goodies, and will be included in all future versions of Pinball FX.  When you're done stuffing yourself with candy, you can sit down in front of your 360 for an extra treat.

Zen Studios Gives ‘Free Booty’ to Pinball FX Owners this Halloween



 Zen Studios, the developer of the popular XBLA game “Pinball FX,” will be offering owners of the game a FREE Buccaneer themed expansion table and update pak! Launching on Halloween, Pinball FZ full-subscribers will be able to download the FREE expansion table and it will be included with all future downloads of the full version of Pinball FX.


Pinball FX combines the arcade thrills of traditional pinball with enhanced gameplay, unparalleled graphical detail and exciting, innovative features not found in any other pinball game. Unique to this game, players can operate the flippers with their arm movements using the Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera, or can engage in head-to-head online multiplayer competition with live chat.  The FREE Buccaneer expansion table will  feature numerous  play  modes and includes an additional dedicated achievement for gamers looking to boost their Gamer score.


 The FREE Buccaneer table and Pinball FX update will be available for download on XLBA starting October 31, 2007.


 We would love to get you a first look at the Buccaneer table to review for your media outlet and would be happy to send you log-in codes and any assets you might need.


Did I mention it was FREE??!!  :)