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News Roundup: The Orange Juiced Box

by: Randy -
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  • WarCry submits an E For All Show Wrap-Up.
  • MMORPG.com sits down with Kevin Ballentine from Cheyenne Mountain about the upcoming Stargate Worlds MMO.
  • The also kick of a new EverQuest 2 column as writer Adele Caelia travels around collecting players' fondest memories in "All Around Norrath -- Remember When?"
  • Killer Betties reviews The Orange Box -- which obviously sets the bar too high for any other company to follow suit in their compilation projects.
  • ActionTrip previews the new Turok game.  "It's like the old one sans the mist."
  • Digit-Life reviews the "rather peculiar" ECS GeForce 8600 GT -- factory overclocking and passive cooling.
  • Legit Reviews was clocking the race, and Intel beats AMD to lead-free processors.
Thanks to WarCry, AtomicGamer, 3D Downloads, MMORPG.com, Killer Betties, Digit-Life, Legit Reviews, and ActionTrip for today's News Roundup.