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Resolution Games announces Demeo Battles - a PVP version of the beloved VR tabletop RPG

by: Eric -
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Resolution Games is about to level up it's much-loved VR tabletop RPG Demeo, with the announcement of Demeo Battles, a new 1v1/2v2 PVP game played within the "Demeo Action Role Playing System". This means that Demeo Battles will look and play a lot like the original Demeo, using a lot of the existing mechanics to create a very different experience.

In Demeo Battles, players will face off in one of Resolution's carefully designed Demeo dungeons. After choosing a champion, cards, and a monster army, they'll take to the field to try to defeat the other players to become the last character standing. Players will attack each other (and heal themselves), all while trying to avoid "The Burn", a somewhat familiar sounding mechanic that will expand fire across the map, eventually pushing the players closer and closer together.

Is it a battle royale played on Demeo maps? Well, it certainly seems to use some battle royale mechanics, but there is a maximum of four players, and Demeo Battles is still a turn-based RPG board game. You'll still be rolling dice, moving your dudes around, and carefully avoiding monster attacks. 

Frankly, the whole thing sounds fantastic. Demeo is a blast, and it's great to see the team at Resolution Games stretch the franchise in interesting new directions. The Gaming Nexus gang is gonna go nuts for this one, for sure.

Demeo Battles will launch later this year and can be wishlisted starting today on Steam and the Meta Quest Store. Demeo Battles will support cross-play across PC and VR. No word yet on a PS VR2 release, but we'll keep you posted if any news develops on that front.