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Escape Academy announces "Escape from the Past" DLC, coming July 19

by: Eric -
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Escape Academy is one of the best puzzle games of the last couple of years. I discovered it on Xbox Game Pass one afternoon, and had a grand old time working my way through it's intricate and satisfying puzzles. The game's conceit is that the player is a student at the titular school, which teaches students the ins and outs of navigating escape rooms. The variety of puzzles and challenges the player has to face is fairly amazing, and the story concept is a hoot. For puzzle fans, this is the good stuff.

It is also not done. Developer Coin Crew games and publishers iam8bit and Skybound Games today announced Escape from the Past, the game's second DLC, which will be releasing on July 19. This story expansion will send players/students into the past, back to a time when the current instructors were students. There will be five new escape rooms to puzzle through on the way to solving an overarching murder mystery. 

Escape Academy: Escape from the Past is set to launch on July 19, retailing for $9.99. Season pass holders will get the update for free. A "Complete Edition" will also be released on Nintendo Switch this fall for $29.99, which will include the base game and all DLC, if you are the type that wants to play it all at once.