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Twin stick shooter Replikator launches Friday

by: Elliot -
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Twin-stick shooter, procedurally generated maps, and an indie developer. It’s what I call a roguelike match made in heaven. Replikator centers around exploring labyrinths of space stations and fighting hordes of enemies at the same time. There are plenty of familiar tropes to see, like weapons and implants, that act as passive skills in Replikator. If you happen to die, you become reborn at the very beginning. Replikator also sports permanent improvements you can buy, an addition to the roguelike genre that I’m growing to like more often than not.

“It appears that an accident occurred at the classified research complex, which led to the death of all personnel but all is not quite clear. A group of mercenaries led by the smuggler Khan will have to find out the reason for what happened.” Gradually, you’ll find blueprints of new items as well as finding entries from the crew of the complex that reveal what actually went down. At the same time you have one main goal - to get to the Replicator and defeat it. The station mazes and items in them are generated procedurally, so each attempt is unique, meaning once you beat the game you can start all over again. There are 12 levels to complete, including 5 bosses.

Replikator is coming to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch this Friday, May 26.