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Kickstart Kudzu - a new action adventure game for...Gameboy!

by: Eric -
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Yes, you read that headline correctly. Pie for Breakfast Studios and publisher Mega Cat Studios are gearing up to launch a Kickstarter for Kudzu, a brand new Gameboy game. The Kickstarter launches on May 25, and includes all sorts of cool reward teirs, which can land supporters goodies like physical copies of the game (which means, yes, they are making cartridges), art books, and stuffed goats. 

I absolutely love that there are studios out there still producing software for older systems, and it looks like this one is going to be a corker. Taking inspiration from such classics as The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Pokémon, Kudzu will lead players on a mission to defeat Kudzu, an invasive plant that threatens the world. It's really funny that they chose this for a topic; I remember watching news stories about the real-world Kudzu in the late 80s that absolutely terrified me. 

In addition to clearing back the Kudzu with a number of gardening tools, players will fight the creatures lurking among the leaves. Along with the usual snakes and lizards, players will eventually face eight bosses in their quest to figure out if this is just a plant gone awry, or if something deeper and more mysterious is happening. 

A super cool demo for Kudzu is now available on itch.io, which can be played right in your browser. I spent a few minutes playing around with it this morning, and it should feel immediately familiar to folks that played RPGs on Nintendo's first handheld. It absolutely delivers on the vibes of early 90s classics. Give it a shot, and if you dig it, consider hopping over to the Kickstarter page. Projects like this, which cater to a very specific audience with great new games, definitely deserve the support of the community.