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Hauma - A Detective Noir Story arrives on PC and Nintendo Switch this fall

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Earlier today at the Indie Live Expo, Assemble Entertainment showcased Hauma - A Detective Noir Story. In Hauma a former detective named Judith is being pulled out of retirement to investigate something suspicious going on in Munich's upper class. You'll explore real-world locations, collect items, solve puzzles, and overcome riddles as you make your own deductions as you piece together just what is going on with Munich's elite society. Hauma - A Detective Noir Story is coming this fall to Steam, GOG.com, and the Nintendo Switch but if you want to check it out before hand, there is a demo that's currently available to download.



Noir Investigative Mystery Themes and Comic Book Aesthetics Collide in Hauma - A Detective Noir Story, Coming Later This Year to PC and Nintendo Switch

Step Into the Shoes of Judith, a Former Detective, as She Uncovers a Thousand Year-Old Secret Amongst the Upper Echelons of Munich’s Regime

Wiesbaden, Germany (May 19, 2023) - Dive deep into the heart of Munich as Assemble Entertainment and developer SenAm Games reveal an all-new narrative-based investigative noir visual novel Hauma - A Detective Noir Story. Coming later this fall to Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam and Itch.io, the story of Hauma unfolds in a thrilling, comic-inspired visual style that only amplifies the unique narrative elements. Hauma challenges players to master the art of deduction and uncover a harrowing conspiracy perpetuated by the city’s upper echelon. Hauma - A Detective Noir Story can be wishlisted now, and a free demo is playable on Steam.

Showcased in the Indie Live Expo on May 20, 2023, Hauma - A Detective Noir Story joins indie peers from Assemble Entertainment, including Windy Meadow - A Roadwarden Tale, Between Horizons, Mira and the Legends of the Djinns, and Verne: The Shape of Fantasy. Hauma’s stand-out narrative delivery and female-led plot make it an excellent addition to this year’s showcase that celebrates indie developers and their games from around the world.

In Hauma, players will step into the weary, well-trodden soles of Judith, a former detective being roused out of retirement by the suspicious goings-on of Munich's upper class. While tracking down and interrogating the city’s cabal, explore real-world locations displayed in a distinctive, graphic-novel art style, discovering pieces of hidden history and using these clues to probe the mystery within. Collect items, solve puzzles, and overcome dialogue riddles as players make their own investigative deductions using the “mindboard," a unique characteristic of the game that functions as an inventory containing items, thoughts, and other clues necessary to decipher the dark secret of the city’s underbelly.

Key Features of Hauma - A Detective Noir Story:
More than Meets the Eye: Embark on a journey of deduction and intrigue, uncover the secrets of Munich's elite fascist society, and piece together the puzzle of the conspiracy that lies within
Enter the Mind Palace: Become acquainted with the mindboard, an innovative inventory of interconnected items and thoughts that, when weaved together correctly, uncover clues and unravel mysteries
Draw Your Own Conclusions: Utilize engaging investigation mechanics, including a variety of puzzles and challenging dialogue riddles
Comic-Inspired Storytelling: Exhibited in vibrant, graphic novel-styled art, Hauma visually engages you in a gripping story and doesn’t let you go until you’ve unearthed every last conspiracy
Hear Me Out: Hauma features a fully voiced cinematic adventure, featuring a diverse cast and evocative characters

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About Assemble Entertainment

Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, Assemble Entertainment is an independent, privately owned games publisher that’s made “Saving the World. Game by Game.” its mission. Founded by Stefan Marcinek in 2016, Assemble is known for its critically acclaimed and diverse indie games such as Endzone – A World Apart, Roadwarden, Lacuna, and Orbital Bullet. Since 2022, Assemble is responsible for the distribution of Mixtvision’s games, handling indie hits such as FAR: Lone Sails. Assemble also has won the German Developer Award twice in the category “Best Publisher.” Learn more about Assemble at www.assembleteam.com.

Assemble organizes GermanDevDays, one of Frankfurt's most popular German-speaking conferences. The conference, hosted by Stefan Marcinek, features the GermanDevDays Indie Award, where indie teams across Germany can participate to win cash prizes. Learn more about the GermanDevDays at www.germandevdays.com.

About SenAm Games

Founded in 2018 by CEO Senad Hrnjadovic, SenAm Games is an independent game development studio based in Munich, Germany, with a network of diverse and experienced freelance collaborators spread across the globe. The studio was founded with the aim of delivering more than just a traditional video game experience in their releases, with social relevance, learning, and experiencing the real-world key objectives for SenAm Games. This facet of the studio’s goals will be evidenced in their upcoming, and first studio release, Hauma. Check us out at senam-games.com.