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Nintendo does it again. 10 Million Copies of TOTK in the first 3 days.

by: Joseph -
More On: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Nintendo didn't care about the leaks. They didn't care that they trickled out trailers over the last three years. They're Nintendo. They do what they want. They will delay a game "a little while longer" as much as they please. And all that discourse on your little internet forums were for not, because the new Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sold 10 million copies in the first 3 days. It's prequel from 7 years ago, Breath of the Wild, is currently sitting at 30 million. In SEVEN YEARS! 

What does this article mean? Why is it so late? It was simply to tell you all to stop with the nonsense. You knew this wasn't going to be Triforce Heroes, or even worse yet, the Wand of Gamelon. All you had to do was wait. Nintendo wasn't going to let you down after Breath of the Wild. And how a game is THREE TIMES bigger than the first, at 30fps, is alright with me. See me squeel the videos below, as I downloaded it regretfully, instead of doing a midnight launch.