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Get ready for a new take on Robin Hood

by: Elliot -
More On: Gangs of Sherwood

The upcoming co-op action-adventure game Gangs of Sherwood has shown off a new reveal trailer. In the video, Game Director Andrea Di Stefano and Art Director Michael Defroyennes talk about how they adapted the legend of Robin Hood. All the familiar faces are here. Robin Hood, Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and a few others. One of the cool tidbits to me was hearing how the team went back to some of the original folklore of Robin Hood to include characters that were in the original stories but might not have made it to the more modern lore of Robin Hood. “The story in Gangs of Sherwood is a unique take on the Robin Hood legend. It is a war story in which the heroes are leaders of a resistance against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Technological advancement plays a major role in the world, which adds a science-fantasy dimension to the game's medieval world.”

In Gangs of Sherwood you will encounter a wide variety of environments, some of which will be familiar. As Michael Defroyennes explains, "For example, we start in the village of Locksley, which is under siege, and there will be other iconic places, of course, such as Sherwood Forest and the city of Nottingham. We also wanted to highlight the bleak aspect of the various regions to show how the world is war-torn and the how pollution from technology has impacted the environment."

Gangs of Sherwood will release this autumn on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Steam and Epic Games Store.