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Overwatch 2's highly anticipated PVE mode has been scrapped. New road map announced

by: Nathan -
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So that's it huh? This is what we waited four years for? When Overwatch 2 was first announced the main reason for doing a sequel was going to be a brand new PVE co-op mode with skill trees, lore, story missions and much more.

It would have been an incredibly fun way to expand the lore of the game, to get to know these characters more, to see them interact with each other in different ways, to actually get some story in the game aside from savenger hunts around the internet for comics and whatnot.

After years of waiting with no content, Overwatch 2 finally releases with some new heroes and a new game mode. That's cool but a lot of fans were waiting for PVE. Well it looks like we will be waiting forever because Overwatch 2 director Arron Keller has confirmed in a recent livestream that the PVE mode has been scrapped. 

At the very least we did get a roadmap for content that's coming in the upcoming seasons. 

Here is what's coming in the future.

Season 5 

  • Quest Watch - Limited time event
  • CGI trailer
  • Summer Games

Season 6 

  • Story missions
  • New support hero
  • Flashpoint event
  • Hero Mastery

Season 7 and beyond says we will get updates like a new tank hero, Sombra and Roadhog reworks, new maps and more.

This is just devastating. That PVE mode they showed off in 2019 looks so much fun. Being able to earn points and upgrade the characters and while they did announce we will be getting some story missions in the future, It sounds like this is going to be a very watered down version of what we originally were going to get.