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PowerA announces the MOGA XP-Ultra controller made for Xbox consoles and mobile gaming

by: John -
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PowerA is launching a pretty cool looking controller with an official Xbox licensing for wireless gameplay on their consoles. The MOGA XP-Ultra is designed to not only let you play wirelessly on the Xbox Series X|S, mobile device, PC, or some smart TVs, but it's also modular letting you customize the controller to your liking.

The initial configuration is that of a compact rectangular shaped controller with the Xbox control layout of the thumbsticks catty corner from each other and the D-pad situated to the left of the right thumbstick. But, PowerA also includes attachable palm grips that also houses rumble motors inside.

For those that game on the go, PowerA is also including a mobile clip that'll let you attach a phone to it making it nice and easy to play on your phone using the controller.

Battery life is expected to be around 60 hours using the native Xbox wireless protocol. If you use Bluetooth to connect to other devices, expect around 40 hours with its internal rechargeable battery.

The MOGA XP-Ultra will cost $129.99 and is now available from PowerA or various major retailers.