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VITURE One XR Glasses available for purchase

by: John -
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I've been using XR glasses when I'm traveling or sitting in an area where I want to play my Steam Deck and would like a very large display in front of me without carrying something bulky for a while now. Having one pair that I enjoy using, I've been keeping my out for competitors and one that has great potential is the VITURE One XR Glasses. With dual microOLEDs running at 1920x1080 at 60Hz, these glasses have the ability to simulate a 120" screen with no screen door effect. These glasses look like sunglasses so as to not to look out of place if you wear them in the public and the small size makes it really easy to take with you wherever you go.

Starting out as a Kickstarter, the VITURE One has some really unique features that sets it apart from the others. There's Myopia adjustments for those who need corrective lenses to let you adjust these so you can see clearly without the need for purchasing corrective lenses. The color changing film on the front can darken or lighten electronically. And VITURE has produced a neckband to allow you to use the VITURE One without connecting it to a phone for on the go media consumption.

Good news today as VITURE will finally be available for public purchase and at a promotional price of $439, which is $110 off the normal price. You can also pick up a dock which allows for multiple glasses to be connected at once and power the glasses and device for up to 6 hours when playing with the Switch plugged in as well, 3 hours with the Steam Deck, or a good 12 hours when just using the HDMI function for $129 during the promotional price, normally $159. If you want both together, the promotional price will be $568, which is almost the price of the glasses alone without the promotional price.

VITURE will also have a few other accessories available to make the XR One Glasses even better on their site such as mounts for the dock and Switch or Steam Deck and a USB-C to glasses and charging adapter. You can order now from their website.