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Roguelike deck-builder Abalon leaves Early Access on Steam

by: Elliot -
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All I need is another turn-based tactics and roguelike hybrid game to add to my collection. Abalon happens to be just one of those games, and has recently left Early Access to launch its 1.0 version on Steam. “Players describe it as a successful combination of Magic: The Gathering, D&D and Final Fantasy Tactics - a winning proposition that manages to deliver its own unique experience which is both familiar and unlike anything they’ve ever played!” One of the key features that interest me are the 20 characters to choose from; the classes sound like something I haven’t heard before. Squirrel hurling druids, time-traveling steampunk rats, and skeleton summoning lich kings are just a few of the options. In Abalon, you’ll roll a 20-sided dice to determine if you recruit new party members, brew potions, or even celebrate a goblin birthday party.

Abalon is now available as a full game for $29.99 with a 20% launch week discount. A new major content update also releases alongside the 1.0 launch, adding 4 new playable Summoners and new cards.