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Grab the purple hoodie - Saints Row DLC drops today with loads of game improvements

by: Eric -
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Yup, I took a lot of grief online for my Saints Row review, in which I gave the game a 9.5 and praised it for its amazing world-building and goofy gameplay. The internet didn't agree with me, which is fine. I don't mind being an outlier now and then. I like what I like, and I really like Saints Row.

So much, in fact, that I'm delighted that the new DLC - The Heist & The Hazardous - is releasing today as part of the Saints Row Expansion Pass. According to the Saints Row Roadmap, the DLC will take place in a new district, Sunshine Springs. And whether you buy the DLC or not, that district will be added to your map, so you can dip in there and dork around with all of the extra activities. You just need the DLC if you want to play the new story.

Trailer goes live at 11:00 AM EST, May 9th.

In addition to the new story and district, Volition is releasing a major patch to the game, including a "combat overhaul", and improved selfie mode, a new emote wheel, and a bunch of other quality of life improvements. The combat improvements sound great (you can read a breakdown here). They've made enemies less bullet-spongy, and reduced the frequency of enemy dodges, which were a bit of a pain. They've also extended the time it takes enemies to call reinforcements, and allowed crouching to reduce your chance of getting tagged. Basically, Volition has made combat less of a pain in the ass.

The full list of upgrades is kind of overwhelming; everything from "Added cloudy days to the weather system" to populating Saints in completed districts to help the player out, which was something that was noticeably missing from the initial release. It took me at least a minute to scroll through the entire list of fixes for the game. I'm looking forward to checking it out.

So yes, I will absolutely be jumping back into Saints Row. I needed something to play while waiting for Zelda to show up in my mailbox, and a tasty DLC for one of my favorite games of last year is just what the doctor ordered. Added bonus: I once again get to listen to my wife complain about how my version of the boss doesn't look like her. Good times, indeed. See ya in Sunshine Springs!