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Sports: Renovations puts a heavy focus on storytelling

by: Elliot -
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When I hear about a game like Sports: Renovations, I’m immediately intrigued. Something so unique might struggle to find an audience, but I’m willing to guess if a group of people are willing to put this much time and effort into a game then there must be something there worth seeing. “Give sports facilities a second life in this relaxing first-person simulator! Restore the glory of old gyms, courts, and pitches as you try to make enough money to save your hometown basketball court.”

You are a one-person renovation team hired to clean up, renovate, and decorate different types of sports venues. Abandoned stadiums, arenas, gyms, and swimming pools are a few of the places you’ll work to fix up, all while trying to save your hometown court. Sports: Renovations is going heavy on the narrative-driven element. Each facility you go to fix up tells a different story that you discover by finding memorabilia and talking to clients.

Sports: Renovations will have multiple modes of play, a campaign, and free play. You can sign up for the upcoming Playtest for free on Steam if you want to give Sports: Renovations a try.