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Billy and Jimmy and Marian! ABOBO!

by: Joseph -
More On: Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons

Double Dragon is back! And after the phenomenal Double Dragon: Neon, and NOT Double Dragon IV (which I may be too harsh on) the twins have returned. The beat em up resurgence moves on with a Summer release of Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons, and it's coming from Modus games

In the year 199X (classic), the city is a product of nuclear war, and criminals are running rampant. Billy and Jimmy ain't having that mess, and they're bringing along some friends. Former in distress Marian joins the roster, as well as Uncle Matin, who fights with a riot shield. There are 13 couch co-op playable characters in all, and you can tag out during the gameplay. Online Co-op will be patched in later this year, so calm down  

The game also promises a dynamic mission selection, and in game currency to use at the end of a level, or when you get the beat down and game over. You can use this currency to buy characters, or even better...you can buy continues. 

The game plans for a summer release. Maybe I should give Double Dragon IV another shot. Maybe. Check the pixel filled trailer below, and wait for it's "Summer" release on pretty much all the things.