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Guardian Games is back, congratulations Titans!

by: Rob -
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Guardian Games has returned to Destiny 2. The annual event introduces some new avenues for players to earn loot for the three weeks it runs by earning medallions and dropping them for rewards. There is also some sort of competition between the three character classes to see which can drop the most medallions, but Bungie does some shadowy weighting behind the scenes on how it actually calculates things and so Titans win every time. Except when they change the weighting to artificially make sure the other classes can come out on top and carry on the sham. It's all nonsense, and if you don't know about some settings that are not all all obvious or intuitive the whole event can be a pretty miserable slog for anyone other than those favored Titans.

I really dislike Guardian Games if I'm honest and this disdain for the event goes back to the very first iteration where everything seemed made up and the points didn't matter, and little has changed since except... that now the default setting for the Supremacy PvP mode is not fun. For some reason we now load into a match exclusively as a team of your own subclass. For the rest of us, this means you're going to get steamrolled every match because Titan is a class specifically designed for close quarters abilities and Supremacy a game mode of the same ilk. So if you want to actually enjoy playing Supremacy, then before you start a match hover over the Activity Mode name and swap it from the default "Supremacy - Guardian Games" to just say "Supremacy." It's the same process as changing out a Dungeon, Raid, or Lost Sector to a different difficulty, but now it's on a PvP mode because matching teams of the same class is no fun for anyone (except crayon eating Titans).

As for the new loot, Guardian Games is dropping Taraxippos – the first Legendary Strand Scout Rifle in the game, and the Title – a Void Submachine Gun. The title can roll Repulsor Brace which gives great synergy with Void builds and even some seasonal artifact mods. And Taraxippos is a fast firing scout that, while a different archetype to Hung Jury, can see similar time to kills in PvP and slots in great with some Strand PvE builds letting you hang back safely on things like Grandmaster Nightfalls with a Scout's range while still getting to create Threadlings or burst Tangles with the Strand synergies. 

Guardian Games is free to play, but there are some unlockable cosmetics on the card for 1000 Silver, the in-game currency. Guardian Games will run through the last three weeks of this season, ending with the season reset as we usher in Season 21 next. More info can be found on the official site.