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Star Trek: Resurgence warps onto consoles and PC this May

by: Eric -
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Dramatic Labs today announced the release date for its highly anticipated narrative adventure game Star Trek: Resurgence. The game will be launching on May 23 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and on Epic Games Store for PC. 

Dramatic Labs has a great sense of timing, as excitement for Star Trek content is at, if not an all time high, then definitely a pretty frenzied peak. Following the success of the third season of Star Trek: Picard, which reunited the original crew of Star Trek: The Next Generation, social media (and media in general) is pretty buzzy about everything Star Trek, which can only benefit the launch of of Resurgence. 

In Star Trek: Resurgence, players will experience an adventure aboard the U.S.S. RESOLUTE from two perspectives, those of the RESOLUTE's First Officer Jara Rydek and Engineering Crewperson Carter Diaz. Both new characters will play a role in a mission led by Ambassador Spock to resolve a worker uprising that threatens to pull two alien civilizations into war. 

The creation of a Telltale-like adventure game in the Star Trek universe is a fantastic idea. There have been numerous attempts to translate Trek into video game form over the years, with mixed success. Many attempts have focused on action gameplay, neglecting to address the diplomacy and character work that is vital to the franchise, so it will be interesting to see how Resurgence compares when the game launches next month. From everything we've seen, this feels like a game that Star Trek fans can get excited about.

That voice actor doing Spock sounds pretty good too, so we'll go ahead and award some pre-emptive bonus points for that. See you in May, U.S.S. RESOLUTE.