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Are you prepared for the Burning Shores? Horizon Forbidden West expansion launches next week

by: Rob -
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With pre-orders open the last few weeks, the first expansion to Horizon Forbidden West is set to launch next week - the 19th of April. There are a few things you should know before you hop into the Burning Shores however, and Guerrilla Games has a video to tick your way through the checklist. Mostly the vid walks through re-familiarizing yourself with the gameplay, loadouts, and general awesomeness of Aloy and her arsenal of weapons and skills; but there is one important facet of note: make sure you've actually completed the final mission first. Now, I'm not sure how anyone could pick up "one of the best games of this generation" and not play it all the way through, but in case you haven't, the expansion is going to take place after the events of the final main story mission and you won't get the call to explore the new territory until you do. 

Speaking of which, when that call comes in it might come with that little twinge of sadness for many of us, hearing the iconic Lance Reddick's voice chime in as Sylens. Lance died only a few weeks ago but the many franchises I adore in which his talents were so predominantly displayed keep coming at us. The John Wick films, Commander Zavala in Destiny, and now Horizon all remind us what a towering figure we have lost from the entertainment world; which of course is nothing compared to what those who loved him as a friend or family lost even more.