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Across the Valley brings farm life to PS VR2 and PC VR today

by: Eric -
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Another very interesting VR implementation comes to fruition today with the launch of FusionPlay's Across the Valley on PS VR2 and PC VR. Everything about this game looks like it is a very chill experience, from the lilting soundtrack to the gentle farm noises. 

“Our devoted team is proud to bring a beloved genre to the most powerful VR hardware,” said Konrad Kunze, CEO of FusionPlay in a recent press release. “Players can amass the farm of their dreams with their own two hands, interacting with their serene surroundings as tenderly or chaotically as they wish. Nurture crops, manage resources, and headbutt a pumpkin across the field to your heart's content.”

Sounds good to me. You'll find all the classic activities here, from planting and harvesting crops to feeding and caring for livestock. And of course, players will be challenged to make all of this profitable...

As someone that kind of balks at intensity in VR game, Across the Valley looks like it was tailor made for players like me that want to do something a little more relaxed. Across the Valley is retailing for $19.99, so it won't take a huge investment to start a farm of your own...