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Perp Games releases PS VR2 trailer for VR Skater

by: Eric -
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Perp Games continues being a leading publisher of VR games. Perp today dropped a new trailer for the PS VR2 version of VR Skater, which is precisely what it sounds like. With a "Very Positive" score on Steam, VR Skater looks as though it will be a great addition to PS VR2, providing an experience that, frankly, I've never before had in VR.

The gameplay appears to be a mix of Skate's more realistic skateboarding environments with Tony Hawk's addictive trick-stringing mechanics. I'm dying to see if movement is handled via the normal stick/button combo, or if it is all motion-based.

There's no release date yet for VR Skater beyond "Coming Soon", but I expect that will be announced before too long. I'm also really interested in learning more about the game's comfort options. From first glance, VR Skater looks like it might be outside of my VR comfort zone, but you never know. Some VR games can surprise you with how comfortable they really are. Just have to wait to get my hands on the final release to make that determination.