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2D Souls-like Lost Epic launches on Nintendo Switch on April 20

by: Henry -
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Publisher One or Eight and developer Earth Wars announced today that their souls-like rpg Lost Epic will be releasing fairly soon Nintendo Switch. Lost Epic is a 2D Souls-like RPG about a war between gods and humanity. You play as a God Slayer in order to defend humanity against the deities. Venture across six different worlds, engage in co-op against the mightiest bosses.

The full release on Nintendo Switch includes everything in the Steam and PlayStation versions. Online multiplayer will support up to 3 players and the game will also support English, Japanese, and Chinese languages. The game launches on Nintendo Switch with version 1.01.7, which includes all six worlds, additional bosses, weapons, and more.

Lost Epic is out now on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is coming to Nintendo Switch on April 20, 2023 for $13.49.

Check out the full release trailer below: