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Escape the deadliest prison yet in Space Prison

by: Elliot -
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What could be worse than going to prison? Perhaps one with aliens, like Space Prison? “Set in an intergalactic maximum security prison in the darkest hole in the universe, Space Prison is an experimental entity, gathering both guilty and innocent alien creatures under the jurisdiction of the artificial system. Taking on the role of one of the odd alien creatures, gamers will uncover the mystery of this grim facility and a legendary convict who is said to have escaped it.”

Space Prison’s social ladder system will see you forming alliances and enemies in a fight for survival by joining gangs, earning respect and maybe one day, reaching the ultimate goal: sweet, sweet freedom. Space Prison’s cast of cosmic characters each has their own special abilities, not including all the weapons and equipment that can be crafted and upgraded. Once you join the Space Prison population, you’ll choose one of the galactic gangs to join, each supporting a different play style and unique mechanics You’ll also be able to customize your cell, collecting junky scraps and improving super-fancy furnishings: rocky crafting bench, storage in the hole behind posters, perhaps even a poster of Rita Hayworth.

There is no official release date for Space Prison, but you can join the community and wishlist the game on Steam. Space Prison will be playable on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.