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Time loops, ice hockey and ghosts in this months Xbox Game Pass update

by: Nathan -
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A new month which means more updates Xbox Games Pass. This month has a couple of games im actually looking forward to as I really enjoy the NHL games and haven't been able to check out NHL 23 yet. Ghostwire: Tokyo is also one of those games that looked interesting leading up to release but was something I held off on as there were other games coming out that I was playing at the time. 

Here is what's coming in the upcoming weeks...

Available NowThis

  • Loop Hero (Console and PC)

April 6th

  • Iron Brigade (Cloud and Console)

April 12th

  • Ghostwire: Tokyo (Cloud, Console, PC)

April 13th

  • NHL 23 (Console via EA Play)

April 18th

  • Minecraft Legends (Cloud, Console, PC)

Check out the official blog for all the updates including other additions such as DLC and special promotions that are now available.