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Awards won, DLC incoming for Vampire Survivors

by: Rob -
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Hot off claiming two BAFTA awards for Game Design and Best Game, indie developer poncle has announced the latest DLC for Vampire Survivors is on its way, releasing in about two weeks time. Tides of the Foscari packs in the fantasy heroes topes of swordsmen, mages, and rogues to this bullet hell-like horror lite sensation of a game. In total, eight new characters will debut with thirteen new weapons alongside the enchanted forest of the new stage, Lake Foscari. There's also 7 new music tracks, 21 new achievements, and "surprises." I know there are some in the GN staff room looking forward to seeing their 100% progress in the base game have to be reclaimed with those new achievements (stated with a hint of sarcasm as Vampire Survivors just keeps pulling us back in).

Tides of the Foscari Launches for PC, mobile, and Xbox on April 13th. It's going to cost two bucks.