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Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon hits Steam Early Access

by: Russell -
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Independent Polish Studio Questline, a subsidiary of Awaken Realms, has launched Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon on Steam Early Access. Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon is an open-world dark fantasy RPG set on an island that's on the verge of ruin in a dark re-imagining of Arthurian legend. With the ability to customize your character how you see fit and to face your enemies how you want, along with crafting, cooking, and trading, the footage in the video reminds me quite a bit of The Elder Scrolls games and that definitely has my attention. In addition The Fall of Avalon was also a board game made a few years ago which has me even more interested.

If you're also interested in checking out Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon (the video game that is), you can check it out now on Steam Early Access or GOG at a 10% launch discount of $26.99 (regularly $29.99).

Step into a dark re-imagining of Arthurian legend in this immersive RPG experience created by the independent Polish studio Questline – an Awaken Realms subsidiary responsible for the well-received Tainted Grail: Conquest.

March 30th, Wroclaw, Poland.

The Wyrdness from the Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon board game has now spread to PC in the form of a unique FPP role playing game driven by a complex, branching story.

Watch the Early Access Launch Trailer
Gamers can now start their adventure in Avalon on either Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1466060/Tainted_Grail_The_Fall_of_Avalon/) or GOG (https://www.gog.com/en/game/tainted_grail_the_fall_of_avalon) for $29.99 with a 10% launch discount.


Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is an open-world dark fantasy RPG full of quests, loot, choices, and monsters, set on a bleak island on the verge of ruin. It’s being developed by the Polish independent studio Questline, who are responsible for Tainted Grail: Conquest, which received praise for its lore and story, with 91% in positive reviews on Steam. The success of the first game set expectations high for the title the studio is currently working on – Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon.

Step into a dark re-imagining of Arthurian legend. Explore a world stuck in everlasting autumn, witness the fall of legends, and make meaningful choices woven into a complex, branching storyline.

In this reality, King Arthur is long dead, and the myths and legends are disappearing. The humans in Avalon are desperately trying to find new ways of life and things to believe in. The plague of Red Death and the spreading Wyrdness are of no help. Time is running out and several factions have their own plans for the future of the island…

In this realm slowly but surely sinking into chaos, you find yourself imprisoned in a damp, underground cell. At this point, you are nobody. But who knows – you might just be the one to bring a spark of change to this land of everlasting Autumn.



Find unexpected quests and adventure across every inch of the island and roam it without constraints. Explore hidden caves and dungeons, roam ancient ruins, and travel through the Wyrdness itself. Find secrets big and small and piece them all together.


The mysterious and complex story of Tainted Grail spans over 1,000 years, from the moment King Arthur led the people of the Homelands to the shores of Avalon. Journey through Avalon to uncover the dark secrets behind the Age of Conquest, Fore-Dwellers, and the Wyrdness itself.

The game is inspired by and based on the lore of the board game of the same name, which was created by one of Poland's best fantasy writers – Krzysztof Piskorski.


Face enemies the way you choose. Whether you want to strike from the shadows, use bows and daggers, fight face-to-face using cold steel, or employ the forbidden rites of the druids – you’re free to decide. Create your own unique style and challenge the monsters of Avalon.


During your journey, you’ll encounter simple commoners, battle-worn soldiers, and even gods of old in need of assistance. You’ll have to make choices in a world where there are no right answers, but your decisions matter and your choices are respected.


The game comes with many supporting systems that will allow you to use all of the gathered ingredients and transform them into useful items, life-saving potions, or food. Coming prepared to this land, engulfed in the misty Wyrdness, is the key to survival. 

The game is now available on Steam and GOG. You can also follow Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.