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Marvel Snap doubles down on stupid

by: Rob -
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I had to put down Marvel Snap and am going to step away for a while. I've written before about how Ego as a location basically ruins this game. Instead of learning from that mistake the brain trust behind the game decided: let's just ruin a game right before the end, instead of the whole thing. So you can invest in it for 4 turns before the AI plays the dumbest possible move in your hand. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... Krakoa! Because the last thing you want to do, is actually play the game you're playing. 

Krakoa is only the featured location and appearing in 50% of matches for 24 hours, but it not only spoils the game for me, but really makes me question whether anyone over in Marvel Snap world has any idea what they're doing, or are they under so much pressure to just keep pumping out new content and new locations that any idea, no matter how hare brained, will make it to production. Spare me.