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Twin Sails teases it's 2023 lineup

by: Rob -
More On: Innchanted Ember Knights Wantless Amberial Dreams News Tower

It's definitely just a teaser, but the video below highlights the games Twin Sails Interactive is brining to market this year. The video debuted and showcases action rogue-like Ember Knights, tactical RPG Wantless, a co-op innkeeping game (whatever that is?) called Innchanted, platformer Amberial Dreams, and the newspaper tycoon News Tower

  • Ember Knights - already in Early Access for $15, Ember KNights lets you play solo or co-op to stop the mad sorcerer Praxis from siphoning the life out of the Ember Tree. Hack and Slash and use aquired skills to defeat hordes, bosses and rescue the realm.  
  • Wantless - a fast paced RPG that places the subconscious as the battlefield. Dice into patient's minds with a deep crafting system and turn based combat to defeat the torments you find there.
  • Innchanted - a wizard has stolen your family's Inn. Team up with friends or NPC AI to upgrade your inn, brew potions, fish, cook, fight, serve meals to hungry customers and make that rent. Launches March 28th on Steam.
  • Amberial Dreams - it's a 2D platformer, but no jumps here. Huh? Control a sphere and roll and bounce your way to the objective. Also currently in Early Access for $7. 
  • News Tower - Who doesn't love a good tycoon sim? News Tower is coming to Early Access later this year and puts you in the shoes of a Newspaper founder in the 1930's. Manage your reporters, photographers, janitors and the mad men in the ads department chasing stories into sensational headlines, all under the next issue's deadline.